Hiring great employees is the first step in having a good team. Once your employees are on board, you must keep them motivated. Of course, you should pay them fairly and offer benefits, but many people want more out of a job than simply a paycheck. Here are 10 ways to keep your employees motivated.

  1. Make your office environment pleasant. Invest in lighting, up-to-date equipment, and décor. Keep clutter down and make sure the office gets cleaned. 
  2. Make sure managers manage well. People often leave a good job due to bad managers and co-workers. Be a good person to work for. 
  3. Offer employee rewards. Give incentives when your employees reach their goals. Offer commissions or bonuses when possible. 
  4. Make growth possible. You can’t expect your employees to work at the same level for years. Make promotions available. 
  5. Give feedback. Your employees want to know they make a difference. Feedback, especially positive, can help your team feel satisfied with their job. 
  6. Provide information about your mission and goals. Be transparent with your employees about sales, conversions, growth, etc. of your business. 
  7. Offer flex-time. Technology has changed the way we do business today. The old 9 to 5 worked at one time, but modern employees want a flexible schedule. Offering work from home or flexible hours can help you attract top talent. 
  8. Make sure your employees have food. Food-based perks, snacks in the workplace, or a weekly lunch provided by the employer, are nice benefits for a hard-working team. 
  9. Offer recognition for achievements. Who doesn’t love to get a pat on the back, (figuratively, of course)? Praise goes a long way toward keeping good talent. 
  10. Ask your team what would motivate them. Maybe your team wants more sick days or PTO. Find out what motivates your employees.  

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