No matter how good or effective your product works, if you don’t have good customer service, you won’t retain customers. Many customers return to a business for its customer service. One negative experience can generate more negative referrals than you can overcome with positive marketing. Here are five things to remember about providing good customer service.

Personalize Service to Each Customer

Stay attuned to your customer’s needs and listen to their problems. Your customer isn’t there because of your business. Each person is trying to find a solution to their own problems. It’s not about you.

Keep Your Promises

Be transparent with customers and don’t over-promise. If you can’t deliver, you lose credibility with the customer. Do what you say you will. Let your customer know they can depend on you. When something is out of your control, don’t prevaricate. Own up to the problem. Let them know what you’re doing to fix it. Follow through.

Don’t Deliver What You Wouldn’t Accept

Don’t disappoint your customer by doing a bad job. If the product isn’t up to your standards, re-order it. If the subcontractor did a bad job, have it redone. Good customer service is making sure the customer is happy. If you can’t fix it, make sure the customer understands why. Don’t think about the single transaction, though. Think long-term, about keeping that customer for years to come.

Make It Right

When something goes wrong, keep your cool and try to make it right. When a customer gives you a bad review, open a dialogue and try to fix it to turn around their experience.

Give Customers Something Extra

Whether it’s a loyalty reward program or a discount on a future order, make sure your customers know you appreciate them by showing your gratitude. Thank-yous are important to good customer service.

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