As a small business owner, you have a lot to worry about. We often joke, “there’s an app for that” but, if you need some help—there is an app for that.


A cloud-based software that is intuitive, easy to use and offers an amazing number of integrations. You can send invoices, pay your staff and prepare for tax season all in one place. It also has hours of free tutorials designed to turn you into a Quickbooks pro.


As an all-in-one payment system, Square rocks. It’s affordable, easy to set up and has very online educational tools. Square is best for low volume businesses who work in low-risk industries. If your business model is a little complex, you might have to seek a different platform.

Slack & Wunderlist

An instant messaging app designed to eliminate lengthy and confusing email threads. It allows you to create multiple public or private channels and have unlimited users. You can share and upload images, documents and PDFs. Also the app automatically indexes and archives everything. When paired/integrated with Wunderlist, you are able to create multiple to-do lists and assign tasks to members.


A project management app that allows users to create project “cards” and assign due dates, tasks and tag members. The app allows you to upload documents and has multiple integration options with popular project platforms making it easier for teams to collaborate.


Designed to track your business receipts and expenses, Expensify allows you to take a photo of your receipt, upload it and the apps software will automatically transcribe the details for you. It also categorizes the receipts and allows employees to easily submit expenses for reimbursement.


A cloud-based time tracking software perfect for remote workers. It not only allows employees to track their hours but at the end of the month the exported logs provide insight on how employees worked—what tasks they spent the most and least amount of time on.

There’s nothing wrong with having apps assist you with your workload, they are there to help.