6 Best Options for Commercial Financing

Commercial financing from traditional banks isn’t for everyone: While they may offer attractive terms, many businesses have trouble finding a traditional bank willing to work with them. However, businesses may have better luck with the following six financing options. Lines... Read More

The Benefits of Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a temporary loan that is generally secured by someone’s personal home, and its purpose is to bridge the gap between the existing home mortgage and the price of a new home. It amounts to borrowing the... Read More

The Basics of Commercial Mortgages

Real estate can be a complex industry with frequently changing rules and regulations. This is true of both commercial and residential real estate. When it comes to obtaining a commercial mortgage, real estate agents and brokers divide commercial transactions into... Read More

Does Your Personal Credit Affect Business Credit Score?

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What is Alternative Capital?

How Can Alternative Capital Help My Business? Capital fundraising is simply cash raised by business to fund operations, acquisitions and expansion, asset purchases, typically through debt structures. Debt options for larger companies include bonds, debentures, and commercial paper. The most... Read More

The Basics of Construction Loans

People who decide to build a home rather than purchase an existing one don’t qualify for a mortgage in the traditional sense. They will need to apply for a construction loan instead. These are typically short-term loans with a higher... Read More

How Asset Based Financing Can Help Your Business

Business owners looking for additional working capital will often try to leverage the value of their hard assets (machinery, specialized equipment, vehicles, property, etc.) in order to get access to more money. However, asset based financing goes beyond tangible things,... Read More