Asset-Based Financing Solutions

Access to reliable working capital is essential to the growth and long-term success of every business. At Alternative Capital Source, we provide asset-based financing that offers working capital without placing a strain on cash flow.

How Asset-Based Financing Works

Asset-based financing is a business line of credit that is structured around the value of items owned by your business, such as:

  • Equipment
  • Property
  • Inventory
  • Receivables

Unlike a traditional loan, capital from asset-based financing can be accessed as it is needed. When the balance is repaid, the amount of financing available is replenished. This gives businesses an ongoing source of working capital. Additionally, as your business grows with increased sales or added equipment, Alternative Capital Source will extend the amount of financing available to reflect that growth.

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If you want a reliable and secure source of working capital to help sustain and grow your business, contact Alternative Capital Source today and ask about our asset-based financing solutions.