Hiring employees for the first time can be challenging for any business. However, it can be especially stressful for the owner of a new construction company. Construction is a highly technical and specialized field that requires dedicated and hard-working employees who take safety seriously.

The first step in finding the right employees for your construction company is to advertise in trade journals, colleges, or other similar places where someone looking for work in the construction industry would tend to hang out. Remember that word of mouth advertising is often the best source of attracting quality employees.

Skills, Attitude, and Passion Are All Equally Important

One reason that interviewing for open positions at a construction company is challenging is that job candidates need to be able to demonstrate what they can do, not just talk about it. If possible, we recommend allowing each job candidate to show that they can operate the equipment you need them to work with on the job. At the very least, consider a computerized aptitude test that walks the potential construction worker through a variety of scenarios where he or she needs to decide the correct steps to take to solve a problem.

Unfortunately, a highly skilled construction worker with years of experience can still be the wrong fit for your company if the prospective employee has a poor attitude. You know your other employees and the culture of your construction company best. It shouldn’t take you long to figure out if someone you’re considering hiring will get along well with others and fit into the construction company’s culture.

You also want to look for someone with passion for the job. Because you can’t just come right out and ask if someone works with passion, listen to each candidate’s answers carefully. The tone of voice and hand gestures used often display a sense of enthusiasm for the construction industry. A candidate who rarely changes voice tone, on the other hand, may see construction as something that pays the bills and little more.

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