Partners & Referrals

Partners & Referrals

Help Us Help Others.

Partner with Us!

  • Have Passion/Compassion for Others?
  • Financial Professional with Strong Business Ethics?
  • Gratified with Win-Win-Win transactions?
  • Then, We Want You!
  • Help us Help Others.
  • Training Available.
  • Full and Part Time.
  • Set Your Own Schedule.
  • Generous Compensation.
  • Unlimited Income Potential.

We Reward Referrals!

  • Are you a mortgage broker working with new projects?
  • As a CPA, are some of your clients looking for capital?
  • As a commercial architect, are you designing structures or businesses which need commercial financing?
  • Among your network and friendships, do you know a business that is looking for financial assistance?
  • And, maybe you know someone who is investing in “house flipping” or rentals?

Then, please consider calling us to discuss the best way to make an introduction!

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to spend time understanding your contact’s needs and find the appropriate, cost effective, solution. 

Once the loan transaction is complete, we would like to share our earnings with you! And, not just this once, but every time we close a loan with this client.  Our goal is to provide outstanding assistance such that your referral thanks you for sending them our way!



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