Work-life balance is the philosophy that advises keeping relaxation and effort in harmony, both at your business and in your personal life—so you can succeed in and enjoy both aspects of your life. In a small to medium business, it’s very easy for work and life to become out of balance, as you try to do it all (almost) on your own.

Balancing the Need for Accomplishment with the Need for Pure Enjoyment and Meaning 

Being a workaholic can lead to stress and poor health, both mental and physical. For the dedicated entrepreneur or small business owner, however, not running your business would be unacceptable and debilitating. Work success brings satisfaction and pride. However, humans need both purpose and joy to thrive. 

You may say, “I do enjoy my job!” Focusing solely on that job, unfortunately, can leave you feeling unfulfilled over time. The enjoyment we’re talking about here is the rich experience of human interaction and relationships that occurs outside of work. Spending time with family and friends, doing hobbies or sports, and just having fun—it’s all truly essential for long term happiness, no matter how terrific your business is. 

Hot to Get Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners 

One powerful way to achieve work-life balance is by outsourcing and delegating. You have to give up some control in order to delegate/outsource, but it’s worth it. IN your home life and work life, you can safely delegate many things, such as: 

At the office, consider delegating anything repetitive that you don’t enjoy or anything lack expertise in, such as:

• Accounting, billing and bookkeeping 

• Web design & social media marketing 

• Customer service & tech support 

• Office cleaning 

• Home remodeling 

• Car repair 

• Landscaping and/or yardwork 

• Housecleaning 

• Laundry 

• Grocery shopping 

• And more  

If you can’t get the balance you need through sharing your workload with others, consider talking to a counselor for expert assistance. Think of your counselor as a subject-matter-expert who can help you gain insight and harmony in your life.  

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